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Details How-to-Practice-Vedic-Astrology-A-Beginners-Guide-to-Casting-Your-Horoscope-and-Predicting-Your-Future

How to Practice Vedic Astrology A comprehensive guide to understanding and practicing Vedic astrology. Read and interpret one's own birth chart according to Vedic astrology, and birth charts of 112 notable people. Use Vedic astrology to anticipate ...

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Details Vedic-Hymns-Vol-1-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Vedic Hymns, Vol. 1It is well known that Professor von Roth, one of our most eminent Vedic scholars, holds the very opposite Opinion. He declares that a metrical translation is the best com mentary, and that if he could ever think of a ...

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Details Vedic-Astrology-A-Guide-to-the-Fundamentals-of-Jyotish

Vedic Astrology Vedic, or Jyotish astrology, has its roots in Indian and Hindu culture, making it markedly different from its Western counterparts. The author of this book explains how it can be used, and how it shouldn't be used, in this introduction ...

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Details Life-Code-The-Vedic-Code-Book

Life Code-The Vedic Code Book This book probes a complex system through which logical and rational conclusions can be made concerning your purpose in this life and why you experience any and all things as you make the journey from birth to death and ...